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Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle RTR Rock Crawler (Grey)

Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle RTR Rock Crawler (Grey)

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This is the Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle RTR Rock Crawler. With their first entry in the RTR market Vanquish Products has created a must have vehicle packed with the high quality components you expect from this premium brand. Equipped with the sought after VFD Twin transmission and F10 Straight Axles this capable crawler is ready to hit the trail. Featuring a 6% OD (Over Drive) VFD gearset, powered by a 35T VM-1 Motor and VE-1 3S capable ESC, slow speed control and overall crawling performance is extremely impressive. Adding to the capability is the included full function digital 4-Channel VT-1 Transmitter. With multiple model memory and end point adjustment, this transmitter allows the VS4-10 Phoenix RTR to be equipped with an optional fully functioning front Dig and selectable Over Drive giving you next level crawling performance. Locating the axles is a set of stainless steel links providing precise suspension movements and the ability to withstand aggressive use. The drivetrain is equipped with machined ring and pinion gears, chromoly universal axle shafts, and chromoly 6-bolt spools for ultimate durability. With full ball bearings throughout, metal transmission gears and 32P spur/pinion gears the drivetrain provides smooth and reliable performance when tackling the toughest terrain.

The VS4-10 Phoenix RTR is equipped with features never before offered in a scale RTR of its kind. The VFD Twin incorporates Selectable Overdrive Shifting and 3-position dig readiness (servos not included) into one compact package. The molded F10 Straight Axles utilize a high clearance design to minimize the size of the pumpkin and maximize clearance around the C-hub and knuckle area. Connecting the VFD Twin to the F10 axles are the ISD10 driveshafts. The ISD10 driveshafts have machined CV Joint style joints at each end with molded splined shafts between them for smooth, quiet, and efficient performance. The large 8mm bore S8E shocks include a dual X-Ring cartridge and scale threaded caps with a sealed upper bleeder screw. S8E preload adjustment is a breeze with threaded shock bodies and collars. Overall this truck is absolutely packed with premium features and is one of the most equipped RTR crawlers available.


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