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Vanquish Products AR60 Brass Steering Knuckle Weights (2)

Vanquish Products AR60 Brass Steering Knuckle Weights (2)

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Vanquish AR60 Brass Knuckle Weights are the perfect option for adding weight to your AR60 based rig. These brass knuckle weights add a total of 88 grams to each knuckle, for a total weight increase of 176 grams (6.2 ounces). With this much forward weight bias added to the front of your truck, you will notice a huge improvement in climbing ability. Plus, adding weight to the knuckles or axle is preferred over adding weight to the wheels, because adding wheel weight puts stress on the drive train and motor. Package includes two knuckle weights and necessary hardware for installation.

NOTE: These Knuckle Weights are only compatible with Vanquish Wraith Steering Knuckles (VPS03200, VPS03201). They are not compatible with Vanquish Wraith Scale Knuckles, or knuckles from other brands.


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