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Yeah Racing Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Upgrade Kit (Blue)

Yeah Racing Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Upgrade Kit (Blue)

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The Yeah Racing Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Conversion Kit includes everything you need to unleash the full potential of your TT-02 based chassis! Premium quality material, combined with precise CNC machine work creates astonishing performance and improved durability thanks to minimum friction and flex between moving parts and joints. A Premium grade of bearings is also included to replace all the plastic bearings on the stock TT-02 for exceptional driving smoothness and power efficiency.

This conversion kit also offers extensive adjust-ability for your TT-02 to race under different conditions and allows you to tune the chassis to fit your driving style. For instance, the shocks are fully adjustable and includes a spring tuning kit. Both front and rear upper arms are adjustable for camber angels. A Solid Axle is also included to change the driving characteristic. These adjustments make this kit very flexible, and able to work well with a variety of setups and motors.


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